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Showertime! is a free activity downloaded from Annie's Resource Attic. Story, activity concept, artwork and animation for Showertime! are original by Ann Brundige. The shower, its components and the water were built and animated in Bryce 6®. Post-production work was carried out in PhotoShop® and QuickTime Pro®.

See notes on the web site for tips on how to modify this activity and for extension activities. An attached overlay can be printed from Overlay Maker 3® and used to run this activity from IntelliKeys®. Be sure to download the clip art if you want to have the various shower supplies, racks, etc. as separate clip art files. If you do not have the entire activity set you can download it free from the Annie's Resource Attic web site.

Sound Credits

Error feedback sounds for Showertime! were recorded by my daughter, Ellen Brundige. Thanks, Ellen! I'm most grateful that she was able to squeeze in time for this recording, between tending her many educational websites. Read her mythology blog for the origin of various holidays and much more, and enjoy the wonderful photos and descriptions of a trip to Greece in her award-winning Ancient Greece Odyssey blog. In all, she has created over 200 informative web pages on subjects ranging from PhotoShop® tips, astronomy, and geology through the ancient world to a biography of Jackie Robinson! Browse these at and .

The following sounds were downloaded from and edited to make sound effects for the items placed in the shower.

  • Towel sound: 85908__mwmarsh__cotton-t-shirt-rustle.aiff (CC Sample +)
  • Washcloth: 244734__reitanna__flump.wav (CC 0)
  • Shower Curtain open and closed: 86188__stevemannella__pulling-shower-curtains-shut-1-2.aif (CC Sample +)
  • Shampoo bottle: 96137__bmaczero__thud2.wav (CC 0)
  • Soap: 87261__metamorphmuses__shoove.wav (CC BY 3.0)
  • Backbrush: 253545__psyche-sound-studios__telephone-external-third-party-hangs-up-normally.wav (CC BY 3.0)
  • Handle turning: 268234__ylearkisto__metalli-vinkuu-ja-narisee-kampi-metal-creaking-and-squeaking-turning-a-crank-handle.wav (CC BY 3.0)

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