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This activity, Mayan Jungle Adventure, is a part of Annie's Resource Attic and is copyright 2010-2019 by ann brundige studio. If you want the activity for use on your own computer or off computer, download the desktop version, one of the multimedia versions or the printable version from the activity main page. You may make and distribute as many copies of the downloaded versions as you want, but must include the Credits page. You may not sell this activity, nor use any of its elements for commercial purposes. For details regarding this Creative Commons license, see the Terms of Use section of the web page at www.annbrundige

Mayan Jungle Adventure is the anchor activity for a set including another book (Fact or Fiction?), journals,test, puzzles, and collections of photos and clip art. If you do not have the entire activity set, you can download it free from the Annie's Resource Attic web site.

Original Art And Movies

Story and concept for Mayan Jungle Adventure by Ann Brundige. Online version first published in 2010; revised HTML5 version, with added videos, photos, and sounds, published 2019. Photographs and original 3D art by Ann Brundige, except as noted.

Most photos, including the pools, tunnel entrance, tropical plants scenes and path, caiman, Asian viper, Cotton-top Tamarins (photo and movies), Scarlet Ibis (photos and movie), yellow frog, vampire bat movie, and mock Mayan ruins, were taken in the Moody Gardens Rainforest Pyramid in Galveston, Texas. Jaguar (Page 21) from the Tyler, Texas zoo. Room with the fountain is the entrance to the spa at The Boulders, Carefree, AZ. Portions of the ruins were generated in Bryce 3D v. 5.5.

All art for full page movies was prepared by Ann Brundige, combining photos with fictional 3D scenes. Full-page movies were created in QuickTime® using screens generated from IntelliMation® in IntelliTools Classroom Suite®.

Photos From Other Sources

Page 17 Vampire Bat composite photo: Face from Desmodusrotundus.jpg by Dr. Marco A. R. Mello (Desmodus) 2010 (CC By-SA 3.0) Common vampire bat, and body from VampireBat2010_2.jpg by Ltshears 2010 (CC By-SA 3.0) At the Lousiville Zoo, both via Wikimedia Commons.

Pages 10, 16 (old man head) and Pages 24-25 (talking head) Olmec colossal stone heads Photos adapted and turned into 3D and animated art in Bryce 3D® v5.5. Pauahtun_head,_Copán_(Honduras).jpg by soyignatius (Ismael Alonso) 2007 (CC BY 2.0) Maya site of Copán (Honduras) and Olmec_Head_No._1_at_Xalapa,_Veracruz,_Mexico.jpg by Mesoamerican 2016 (CC BY-SA 4.0), both via Wikimedia Commons.

Page21A Jaguar looking up combines three images, jungle-2555500.jpg and jaguar-2095329_1920.jpg, both (CC 0) from, and a rough soil texture (TexturesCom_SandPebbles0007_2_L.jpg) from

Start Over button Adapted from a photo, 2015-07 k1 CDMX 830.jpg by Ziko van Dijk 7-12-15 (CC BY-SA 3.0) A Chac-Mool statue on display in the National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City, via Wikimedia Commons.

Stop button Adapted from a photo, Disque Tonina, expo musée Quai Branly Paris.jpg by Jebulon 10-26-14 (CC 0) Commemorative disc celebrating the, 7 Ajaw 3 Kumk'u (January 22, 702 C.E.). Monument 139 of Tonina, sandstone, dia.:1.33m, Classic recent era (702 C.E.), Tonina museum, Chiapas, Mexico. On display at exhibition "Mayas" of Musée du Quai Branly in Paris. via Wikimedia Commons.

Climb Tree button Adapted from clip art, tree-32498_1280.png by Clker-Free-Vector-Images 4-13-2012 (CC 0) via

Videos From Other Sources

Caiman video Crocodile - 13022.mp4 by dianakuehn30010 11-22-17 (CC 0) via A related African crocodilian.

Snake video 24590609487_1080p.mp4 by gailhampshire 1-2-18 (CC BY 2.0) Adder . Hen snake. Vipera berus via Similar in body shape to the Asian temple viper, this snake lives in Wales!

Jaguar video Best Documentary HD THE JAGUAR BIG CATS - Animals Nature Wildlife (Full Documentary).mp4 by aadad dadad 2-10-17 (CC BY 2.0) Hour long documentary uploaded to Only a few scenes used to create a short video.

Sound Credits
Sounds via unless otherwise noted. Editing in Audacity®.

Audible Text Computer voices Tom for main text and Susan for choices text. The End uses computer voices Moira, Daniel, and Whisper. Glossary uses computer voices Alex, Alison, Ava, Daniel, Samantha, Susan, Tom, and Victoria. Recorded via Save Spoken Selection option in Tex Edit Plus®.

Soundtrack for Falling Into Stone Room movie remixed combining reinsamba__friofrioamazonas.mp3 (CC BY 3.0) from Freesound and rainforestambience.wav from

Soundtrack For Snake Video snakeecho.wav by novino (CC 0).

Page 9 Frog DryLeavesWalk.wav by HerbertBoland (CC BY 3.0) and Smoke Bomb.wav by vckhaze (CC 0) added to response from red button. Frog sound from soundtrack of Phyllobates bicolor Ruf.mp4 by lamasipanguana 2013 (CC BY 2.0) via

Page9A Dart hits Dartboard 5.aif by tonnonic (CC BY 3.0) and [Ow] Sound by Topschool (CC 0) added to recorded text.

Page 12 Fountain small-fountain.wav by roman-cgr (CC 0).

Page 16-17 Cave-in and Bats Outcome Indy Rocks Falling Cue 4 Ve.wav by pscsound (CC By 3.0). Montage of sounds from Freesound. Ti-tunk sound of light is a combination of button_3.wav + button_toggle1.wav from IntelliTools Classroom Suite Media Library. Soundtrack of vampire bats video is adapted from 21437__martian__bela_lugusi.aiff 2006 (CC 0) via

Page 13 Dart Outcome Ugh! 3.wav by ecfike 5-3-12 (CC 0).

Page 14-15Taking out binoculars glass-slide-4.wav by sethroph 2015 (CC 0).Tamarins calls and video soundtrack: Mixed rainforest ambience.wav ( with tamarin longcall.wav (

Page 19 Scarlet Ibis calls XC165373-Eudocimus_ruber_16012014_Cubatao_SP_RSS.mp3 by Robson Silva e Silva 2014 (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) Sounds of adult birds, breeding colony, mangroves near Sao Paulo, Brazil, via

Page 19A Ibis Nest 19257__reinsamba__bird_in_rainforest (CC BY 3.0) plus XC206139-guara1.mp3 by Alexandre Venson Grose 2014 (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) alarm call on nest, via

Page 21 Jaguar Sounds, Tree Climb Jaguar roaring during text readout - 97381__soundbytez__jaguar.wav (CC BY 3.0) Recording of a single Jaguar roaring. Jaguar growling jag.wav from Free Sound (Free for non-commercial use). Tree Climb button adapted from 415283__thescarlettwitch89__bushwalking-sounds.m4a (CC BY 3.0).

Page21A Jaguar Outcome jaguar.wav and growls jaguarrors.wav, both from Free Sound (Free for non-commercial use).

Page22 Caiman Outcome run.wav by tim.kahn 10-4-2014 (CC BY-NC 3.0) An actress screams "run!" via I lowered the pitch.

Page 23A Viper Outcome dramatic-moment-0a-23e.wav by setuniman (CC 0) and snakeecho.wav by novino (CC 0)

Page 25 Olmec Head Outcome thunder8.wav by onesoundtorulethemall (CC BY 3.0). His speech is my voice, with lowered pitch and reverb.

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