This activity from Annie's Resource Attic is copyright 2009 by ann brundige studio. You may not sell this activity, nor use any of its elements for commercial purposes. For details regarding this Creative Commons license, see the Terms of Use section of the web page at www.annbrundige If you want copies of this book, download the PDF or a multimedia version from the Tide Pools activity set page. You may make and distribute copies of the PDF, but must include the credits page.

Skeleton art original by Ann Brundige and was created in the 3D CAD application Bryce 5. Photos by Ann Brundige, with the exception of the sea hare page and the sea hare and the reddish sea star in the final page scene. Those were photos by Ellen Brundige, used by permission. The sea hare photo also appears on her sea hare web page, which is an excellent place to learn more about these charming gastropods.

No Bones About It! is a supporting activity that should be read after doing the Explore Tide Pools activity. If you do not have the entire activity set, which includes another supporting book, tests, photos, writing activities, and off-computer materials, you can download it free from the Annie's Resource Attic web site.

Photos were taken at various times, mostly in the Laguna Beach Marine Protected Area, some in Crystal Cove State Park, others in the Scripps Coastal Reserve (La Jolla) and a few in a non-preserve area, Corona Del Mar, all along the southern California coast in Orange County. Information from personal observation and a wonderful field guide, Life Between the Tides by Jeffry L. Brandon and Frank J. Rokop, 1985. This is still in print and if you have a chance to visit the tide pools in person, it's well worth purchasing.