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Annie's Books Online presents the online version of Jack-'O-Lantern. There are nine different pumpkins, nine faces, and nine horrendous Halloween sounds. Buttons on each page carry the story along. Sounds play when each feature is chosen, to add a whimsical touch. The last action is to add a candle to light it up.

When the lighted jack o' lantern is displayed, a unique creepy sound plays for each of the nine faces, followed by Happy Halloween. In addition, the text on each page can be read aloud by clicking the Speak Text button. The Play Sound button on the last page repeats the creepy sound for each face. Have fun carving these digital pumpkins!

This activity from Annie's Resource Attic is copyright 2009-2018 by ann brundige studio. You may not sell this activity, nor use any of its elements for commercial purposes. For details regarding this Creative Commons license, see the Terms of Use section of the web page at www.annbrundige If you want copies of this book, download the PDF or a multimedia version from the Jack-O'-Lanterns For Halloween activity set page. You may make and distribute copies of the PDF, but must include the credits page.

The art in Jack-'O-Lantern is original by Ann Brundige, copyright 2008, and was constructed in a 3D CAD program, Bryce 5®. Sounds were recorded or modified in Audacity® by Ann Brundige. "Happy Halloween" was recorded and mixed by Ann Brundige, using Audacity. See the post in Annie's Resource Attic about Audacity, a free sound editing application.

Sound Credits

Text read out sounds were constructed using the Save Spoken Selection option from Tex Edit®, a shareware word processing app. The computer voice used was Ava, with some editing in Audacity.

Happy Halloween 4 sound is computer voice Ava layered over Happy Halloween recorded by Ann Brundige and edited in Audacity to sound like a chorus of voices.

Knife cutting pumpkin sound is part of Water Squirt Sound Bit.wav by chrisbrowne626 (CC BY 3.0) via

Choose a set of eyes sound is Rewind.mp3 Hyperstudio 4.0 Content Library Short rewind sound.

Carve a nose sound is DownUp.mp3 HyperStudio 4.0 Content Library 2-sound button down-up.

Choose a mouth sound is trans4ABS.mp3 (2008) Adapted from trans4.wav from the HyperStudio 4.0 Content Library.

The following sounds play when the candle is added to each of the following faces:

  • Scared eyes-Snaggle mouth face OMINOUSLaffABS.mp3 Adapted from EvilLaf1.mp3 and ominous.mp3 from A Zillion Sounds ©1994-98, BeachWare Inc.
  • Scared eyes-Ghost mouth face Ghostlyabs.mp3 Adapted from GHOSTLY.mp3 from A Zillion Sounds ©1994-98, BeachWare Inc.
  • Scared eyes-Mean mouth face reinsambamummy_1ABS.mp3 Adapted from reinsamba__awakening_mummy_1.wav (CC BY 3.0) via
  • Happy eyes-Snaggle mouth face footstepsABSBoo.mp3 Mixture of BOO.mp3 (from A Zillion Sounds ©1994-98, BeachWare Inc.), Mystical Ambience #01a - Slowdown Strings and Brass.wav by toam (CC BY 3.0) and Footsteps with floor creak.wav by TheBuilder15 (CC 0), latter two via
  • Happy eyes-Ghost mouth face Scream14.mp3 From PUBLIC-DOMAIN-SCREAMS By Ultimate Horror Sounds (, but site no longer exists).
  • Happy eyes-Mean mouth face Sea_Fury__MonsterABS.mp3 adapted from Sea_Fury__Monster.wav (CC BY 3.0) via
  • Angry eyes-Snaggle mouth face EVILLAF2ABS.mp3 Adapted from EVILLAF2.mp3 from A Zillion Sounds ©1994-98, BeachWare Inc.
  • Angry eyes-Ghost mouth face amliebschvoicefrom_hellABS.mp3 Adapted from amliebsch__voice_from_hell.wav (CC BY 3.0) via
  • Angry eyes-Mean mouth face dparke4__zombieABS.mp3 Adapted from dparke4__zombie.wav (CC Sampling+) via
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